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O Riley no Biran Williams

February 26, 2015

Plenty of known reporters did much worse than that in El-Salvador!  This was not the place where American journalism excelled! I see no reason for O’Riley to bend over,  or buckle, because the left got a mission, got money, sworn to destroy a Conservative. like they staged the entire campaign against Zimmerman in Florida, a bogus and fictitious adventure, all made possible by the lying NBC editors, producers and reporters,  this campaign is to distract from the shame of Brian Williams, I do not watch O’Riley, but I was in El Salvador before he knew the name of that crap-hole, I was also  present when the bodies of the nuns were  being recovered. This vendetta against O’Riley will not work! But the left got millions to burn, so give it 6 weeks, we will know who is on top!


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